What Is the Cost of Dental Implants?

One of the first questions patients ask is “What is the cost of dental implants?” Several factors play a role in assessing the cost of implants, so it is important that we do a thorough consultation to give an accurate cost to treatment. We strive to be the perfect balance of cost and quality. While we use the best materials for everything we do in any surgery, we try to keep our prices down since we love doing this procedure and seeing patients’ lives turned around in such a short time. Come meet with us so we can give you the costs at your consultation.

How Does the Longevity of Tooth Implants Affect Their Cost?

Dental implants don’t incur additional ongoing costs and are as easy to clean as your natural teeth. If you take care of your implants, they can last your entire life. Whereas dentures or bridges may require future expenses, implants are a one-time expense with basic maintenance.

Enables a Healthy Jawbone

When you lose teeth, the jawbone becomes weaker and deteriorates over time. Dentures and bridges do not prevent the deterioration of your jawbone. So, you might save money in the short term but incur greater medical expenses down the road from jawbone complications.
Dental implants are made of titanium and integrate with the jawbone to stimulate the bone and retain the volume of the bone. Unlike dentures and bridges, implants preserve your natural bite force and the strength of your jaw. By choosing dental implants, you face fewer unknown medical expenses in the future as a result of the deterioration of your jawbone. As your jawbone deteriorates, the denture becomes ill-fitting and will require many future adjustments and can cause sores and gum pain.

Improves Your Quality of Life

In comparison to traditional dentures and bridges, tooth implants are a long-term investment in your quality of life. Losing teeth changes how you can engage in your world, but implants are the closest thing to having your natural teeth again. Implants feel and look indistinguishable from natural teeth – and improve your smile. Just think of the VALUE of a good smile.

How Do You Assess the Cost of Implants?

The implant procedure progresses over several stages and can involve multiple medical professionals. The overall cost of the procedure depends on the variable sum of each stage in the process. When looking over quotes for a dental implant procedure, it often includes costs of…
• Dental exams and office visits
Extracting the teeth
Grafting to the jawbone (if necessary)
• Placing the titanium implant
• Placing the prosthetic temporary and permanent teeth
X-rays / CT Scans
• Pre-operative and post-operative care

How Do You Cover the Cost of Dental Implants?

The first step is to contact your dental insurance carrier and ask if you have coverage for dental implants. Apart from standard dental coverage, health credit companies offer no-interest and low-interest loans to cover medical procedures, like implants. You can’t put a price on your oral health, and dental implants are an investment in your long-term oral health, quality of life, and appearance.

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