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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

DR BERLEY & HIS TEAM ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! I was introduced to this office a few months ago as an intern while I was still in the dental assisting program. It was my first oral surgery experience and I absolutely loved it! Everybody was truly helpful and friendly, including the doctor who made sure I understood everything that was going on in his office (IV sedation, implants, etc.). As a student I had the opportunity to experience different specialties and different offices and I was able to compare and distinguish the doctor who truly stood out as a professional but also as a person: Dr Berley is definitely the winner! I loved his office so much that immediately after my graduation I went back to apply for a job as an assistant and they accepted me with no hesitation. Nothing can go wrong here: Dr Berley has a lot of experience and treats all his patients as if they are part of his family; also his excellent educational background is what encourages him to adopt a minimally invasive technique for all his surgeries, which totally helps patients with healing. The front desk girls are very devoted and the office manager (Pam) would go above and beyond to provide care for the patients. Pam’s encouragement makes me feel so positive, I can do anything and everything. The assistants (Marilu & Jules) are the most skillful, caring and responsible people in the entire world!!! Jules’ expert tutelage as an anesthesia assistant is making me rethink my direction in the dental field! And last but not least, they give the best post op instructions ever!! I am sure the patients would agree with me. I totally trust them: as an employee and as a patient too. As a matter of fact, not too long ago I was complaining of a terrible headache and Doctor Berley recommended having my wisdom teeth removed. He took out my wisdom teeth in a blink of an eye and I felt no pain whatsoever; I was even able to keep working that same day. Sure enough my headache disappeared completely and I can only be extremely thankful for that. If you ever need an oral surgeon, you have to come here. You will not regret it! It is a guarantee you will receive maximum care & that is what matters the most!

- Maria G

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7500 NW 5th Street Suite 105
Plantation, FL 33317
T. Plantation Oral Surgery Phone Number 954-792-5544
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