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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

There's not enough good that I can say about Dr. Berley! The mere remembrance of the most excellent care my multiple disabled son received from Dr. Berley, along with his entire staff, yet brings tears of utmost appreciation to my eyes and warmth to my heart! As near any parent of a child who suffers from Autism knows, seeing a new doctor in an unfamiliar environment can be quite stressful, for both parent and child. One never knows what sight or sound or sensation might cause an Autistic child to "melt down", and when Autism is accompanied by Down Syndrome as well as a continuing cardiac anomaly, the odds of experiencing such a meltdown are tripled, especially if the attending physician and staff are not familiar or well experienced with such children, most of whom, I find, instinctively know or sense when they are truly cared about, and being cared for. From beginning to end then - from the initial exam to the procedure itself, and thereafter recovery, Dr. Berley managed my son with such kid gloves, immediately winning his trust, and such expertise that the entire process of surgically extracting 5 teeth - four wisdom teeth that had not yet erupted, along with a tooth that grew out of place, went off without a hitch, and with so little discomfort thereafter that he was begging for pizza and burgers within hours of the surgery! But of course, he had to content himself with jello and ice cream. Patient care received went beyond excellent. Swelling was minimal. There was little pain during recovery that OTC Motrin didn't handle. Bleeding was next to nil, within but a few short hours, and recovery has been uneventful; as importantly as that, my son was given no reason to fear going back to the dentist again, which says a whole lot more than I ever could. Thank you Dr. Berley, and staff, for your knowledge, your compassion, your dedication to patient care and comfort. I cannot possibly thank you enough; nor can negate to mention Dr. Dee, LaDilia Trifunovic , whom I slso absolutely adore and trust with my most precious son's life, who so helped to make all of this possible. I owe you an non-payable debl of gratitude.

- Carolyn R

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