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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had a wisdom tooth extraction. Not my first one, thus I went trembling and embracing myself for pain and uncomfort during and after the procedure. When Dr. Berley informed me after few minutes that we are done, I had no idea that he was already working on my tooth. I thought he was just checking to see if i was numb enough so he could start. One of my best if not the best experiences in dental work...and I have quite name it and I have it. Dr. berley will be my and my family's oral surgeon from now on, and I will definitely strongly recommend him to all of my friends. All of the stuff also very friendly and his nurse ( I am sorry I do not remember her name) made everything possible to make me feel comfortable, even stroking my head, explaining every move or gadget that was entering in my mouth and at the end explained and demonstrated for me in length and detail how to take care of my wound afterwards. Thank you all! Moira K.

- Moira K

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