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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Other than with, I don't generally write reviews. I am compelled to make an exception with Plantation Oral Surgery because it is one of the few times that my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. I set up an appointment with Dr. Berley because the dentist who had extracted two of my teeth was a butcher, and I was in such severe pain for weeks that at different times I was on Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Tramadol along with 12 Ibuprofen every day. I could kick myself for not going to Dr. Berley first. He was amazing. He calmed me down, listened to my story, and went about correcting all the damage done by the first dentist. To say that I felt secure in Dr. Berley's abilities is an understatement. This guy knows his stuff! In addition, the staff is empathetic and concerned. Marilu, Debbie, Pam, and Jules made me feel so comfortable, I'm sorry they don't do general dentistry just so I could go back to get my teeth cleaned there. When I called the first time, I knew my experience would be hit or miss. I assure you, I hit this one out of the ballpark!

- Eliot K

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